Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Progress... Kind of

I can now read subtitle files using just AviSynth, but not in VDubMod still since it seems to want to snub AviSynth. Meh. But! This does mean I can finally look at all the subbed files that people have been sending me. Feedback will be forthcoming.

Wanted to get work done on corrections tonight. Maybe get some work done on reviewing/incorporating feedback on my translations. Take a bath. And go to bed early. None of this happened. Feh.

But! I am most of the way done getting the WRR recordings for Turkey ready to be removed, so this is good. The Tivo has hope of getting cleared off before I leave, though I remain seriously concerned about the lack of space on the media server. Even clearing out the WRR recordings will still only net me 18 GB of space and won't even push me over 100 GB. I need to spend some time backing up downloads and getting them off the computer.

Argh, found out the lengthy analysis I typed up on Moebius episode 32 I apparently did not post. *sigh* I rather liked my commments. I will miss them. I may even try to type them up again later. Or not.

So, night of progress... slow, but progress nonetheless. Now for bed.

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