Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Day of Geekery

Discovered that if I render out a half hour episode as uncompressed AVI that Vegas can read it, even if the original file was compressed with DivX. It's still 38 GB for the finished file (gee, is *that* where all my hard drive space went...?), so it's not a feasible option for longer running series (Keeping all Gundam W episodes would consume an approximate 1976 GB of space), but may suffice for shorter series.

Alas, that did not solve my audio issue with Episode 24. *grumble*

To rip the audio off an AVI in VirtualDubMod, go to Streams menu and choose "Available Streams" This will give a button option for "Save WAV".

Unfortunately, that still did not solve my audio issues with Episode 24. Vegas still refuses to deal with the audio stream, claiming a codec problem. However, since this is a .wav I can put it onto the iPod (albeit it will take up a lot of space.) Alternately, I can burn the .wav to a CD as an audio file, then rip it into iTunes. This, while being somewhat arcane, should also be functional. Since it appears that episode 4 has the same type of issue, I suppose I should accept that this may be a possible solution to difficult files. And at least it is geekly, so that is something.

Computer not typing vowels problem appears to not be resolved. I installed Spy Sweeper and all of a sudden the problem went away. Right up until I tried to type this sentence. Most fascinating. Want this evil to Go Away And Never Come Back.
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