Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Someone Needs To DIE. Painfully

Laptop has some kind of virus/malware which prevents me from typing the letters "e", "i", "o", "t", and "u". Not sure why it thinks that "a" is okay, but there you go. Needless to say, this slows my typing down a good deal. I had to remove the password from my computer, since I could no longer type half of it.

I? I am highly fussed. I leave for Japan in slightly over two weeks and I absolutely must have a functional laptop then for photos.

Annoyingly, I can find no mention of this kind of annoyance online. I am currently running a Symantec anti-virus scan (fat lot of good you have been so far, stupid anti-virus program) and hope that maybe it can dig something up. I have no idea how this thing got onto the computer or how it got activated. It was working fine this morning. When I went out to do stuff at lunch, the problem had appeared. I didn't go to any dangerous sites or click any suspicious links this morning, and the computer was off in between when it was working and when it was not. I am most baffled. And not in the least bit amused.

If anyone has heard of something like this and has advice for getting rid of it, I would be most appreciative.

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