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It only took me about five minutes to find this: The place where Ryuu and Mirai always go is located in Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokosuka City, Sounan Takatori yon-chome, Takatori-yama Kouen. If I'm reading the information right it appears this park was also used in the filming of the first Onmyouji movie. It also shows up in Ultraman Max.

(And yes, plans are underway for popping in there on the April 2007 trip. Because I have a fellow geek to encourage me in my Ultra-geekiness.)

Info on locations used in Moebius can be found here. Also included is Konomi's school and Teppei's house. Page with all the shots in thumbnail can be found here

Just because I'm lazy, map to the location can be found here. Address is 神奈川県横須賀市湘南鷹取四丁目. Closest train station is Oppama on the Toukyuu line. Directions: It appears that one does not take the Yokosuka line to get out there. Tokyo to Yokohama on the Shinkansen, then a Toukyuu express transfer to the local at Kanazaka Bunsho, then get off at Oppama.

* ひとつ、腹ぺこのまま学校に行かぬこと!
* ひとつ、天気のいい日に布団を干すこと!
* ひとつ、道を歩く時は車に気を付けること!
* ひとつ、ひとを頼りにせぬこと!
* ひとつ、土の上で裸足で遊ぶこと!

My word, those are lame:

- Don't go to school on an empty stomach!
- Air out the bedding on days when the weather is good!
- Watch out for cars while walking next to the road!
- Don't rely on other people!
- Play barefoot on the ground!

I am in awe that Ryuu feels the compulsion to shout these out loud on a regular basis. Perhaps he was dropped on his head a few too many times as a child.

For my reference, the Agito page can be found here. It appears the place I was thinking of from Agito is not the same as the picnic.

I just realized that "Specium" and "Spacium" are refering to the same thing. I need to find out which is the more "official" spelling and stick with that.

A site with a name like Sengoku Survival is clearly something I need to explore a whole lot more.
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