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Really quick, since I wish to become unconscious so I will stop noticing the headache the fumes from the stain on the floor is giving me...

The subtitle program I am playing with currently is Subtitle Workshop. It's total freeware, and works pretty good. There are a few grumps I have with it:

1. I haven't figured out how to import a translated script that has no time codes on it. This is a minor grump, since I can use Sub Station Alpha to insert junk codes.

2. It is waaaay too easy to lose track of which line one is changing the time codes on and mess up work that was good and done. This whole process would be shortened by a third if I would stop screwing up completed work. This should become less of a problem as I get more proficient with the system (and set up my paranoid checks to make sure that I am not unintentionally screwing up something I don't want to.)

Those are really my only complaints.

On the up side, it's a whole heck of a lot easier than the old way of doing things. I don't have to make the world go away while I run the first timing pass. I can immediately check to see if the change I made on a time code was good or not. It even has a facility for putting the translation directly into the program. So I wouldn't have to create the translated script seperately, I could tag in the translation at the same time as I was setting the timing for a line. This is a lot different from my normal style, but I think I'll give it a try on the next episode I work on.

I'm really enjoying messing around with timing again. Though I'm feeling frustrated that I'm not working on translation. Particularly since these scripts were done so fast, and I would really like to have time to go back through them and make sure that the translation is solid, rather than futzing around trying to figure out a new technology.

Speaking of figuring out new technologies, I still need to find out what to do once I get a completed, timed script. This program is not the one that will actually lay the titles, I believe I need to use AVISynth in something like VirtualDub to mate the titles with the video. Then I get to figure out how to position the titles on the screen, so I can stick different lines in different places. Whee!
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