Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Different Gibbering

Remembered what I was going to say in the earlier post... So I'm sitting at a stoplight when my "cool car near-by" sense goes off. This strange power allows me to spot a cool car and go "ooh, nice Evo MR" before my conscious brain actually realizes that I'm doing something other than just spacing and watching the traffic go by. Yes, I know it sounds bit weird, but generally I am reacting to cool cars before I actually realize that I'm seeing a cool car. As far as superpowers go, it's pretty useless.

Traffic clears and I get to chase the nice Evo. It was yellow, with a black carbon fiber hood, and the statndard assortment of modified muffler and the like. It sounded awesome, just like a WRC car idling in Service. I turned off the radio just to hear it better.

In retrospect this was a mistake. As the car turned I noticed a sticker in the upper left corner of the rear window: Emperor. And since the radio was now off everyone got treated to me gibbering "Ah! Ah! EMPEROR! Aaaahh!!! Fan! Fan! Fan!" without any noise from the radio covering.

It being nice out, I did, of course, have the windows rolled down. *sweatdrop*

As soon as I realized I was using my Outside Voice I stuffed my fist in my mouth and gibbered in a slightly quieter voice.

And, no, I didn't chase after it -- though the thought did occur to me. I was driving a friend's car that is, well, fairly pedestrian (if you will pardon the strange phrasing) so I wouldn't have been able to keep up. And I wanted to finish my errand and get home to see if my download had completed. (It hadn't, *grumble*)

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