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Oh Yeah... Dork

Teppei in the jail outfit is cute. But Mirai really needs to do the whit shirt and black slacks look more often. And now I want some curry. Meh.

Okay, if I hadn't alreday surrended on the "nigh-canon" thing already, that "date" line would have probably done me in. *is amused* Edit: Re-watched the sandwich scene. Missed a line the first time since I was staring at the background. I surrender totally and unconditionally. RyuuXMirai is TOTAL AND COMPLETE canon, every bit on the level of IchijouXGodai. *wonders if Tachibana-sensei has by any lucky chance been following Mebius...?* And oh my word am I glad that no one is home and all the doors and windows are closed so no one else is experiencing the total fangirl combustion here.

Uh... And here I thought they were joking about the date thing. Oh well, I was wondering what Mirai was going to do for Ryuu. A handmade lunch seems appropriate.

Is it just me, or did they film an episode or two of Agito where Mirai and Ryuu have their picnic...? Late in the series, where Shouichi is being stupid and *spoiler deleted* to Ambiguious Boy?

(I'm liking Ryuu's civvies here also.)

Man, I really wish I knew what Mirai had told Sakomizu Taichou...

"Mitte kudasai, boku no saigo no tatakai!" *jaw is on floor* Subtle. Not his middle name.

I'm really rather glad that I'm now getting source with the comercials already pulled out. It sure beats having to wait while I fast-forward through.

Taro! It's about time!

"I can still fight..." *falls over* Sh'yeah, right. It's only a flesh wound? Though I suppose after a line like that the only appropriate response is to fall over and go boom.

Dude... I begin to see why Mebius needs more practice... *is impressed by Taro*

*hits the end*

*whimpers a bit*

I expected the episode to end badly, but not THAT badly. Argh! And next episode looks like a lot of pain in store as well. Though the preview tells us the obvious bit -- no dying here, no surprise.

Huh. Come Wednseday I can switch my countdown to Mebius, since I won't be counting down to a rally. 6 days, 11 1/2 hours. This is going to be one long week.

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