Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Confused Mutterings Of The Morning

Marina's name has kanji! Her last name, Kazama, is written with the kanji for "wind" and "space" ("aida", or the "kan" in "jikan".) It shows up on the calligraphy that she wrote back in the past.

I really hate time travel. It makes my brain hurt. So, because of this episode when Mebius shows up to fight in episode 1 it is not the first time in 25 years an Ultraman had appeared on Earth. He did it back in 1999 -- though somehow everyone managed to overlook a 49 meter tall Ultraman flailing around bonking a monster and causing damage to the countryside. (Not sure how everyone explained that the next morning either...)

Time travel? Lo, it makes my brain hurt. But Marina's name has kanji. And I managed to chase out three untranslated lines without trying. So I am pleased with this morning.

Tags: ultraman mebius

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