Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Random Mutterings For The Morning

Genda Tessho (of YYH Toguro ototo fame) does the voice of Ryu-possessing Yapool. How did I miss that???

On the "how clueless are they" front, how is it that no one noticed all the stuff that it would take to make a *building* fly? Not to mention the giant canon? I can just see it now: "Hey, what's that huge giant pipe running along the middle of the building?" "Dunno. Plumbing?" "That sucker sure is never going to block up!"

I found the image I want for an LJ icon. Now I can't find the command to get VirtualDub to export a single frame. Grr.

I wonder if I can get my Firefox countdown to do more than one countdown at a time...? I need to keepthe rally countdown (otherwise I will miss that I have one in, oh, a WEEK), but it would be nice to get a Mebius one going as well.

Rats, I was going to post the results of some of my research from last night. This would require remembering said results, so I think I will hold off until I can review the chat logs.
Tags: ultraman mebius

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