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Mebuis 1 subbed is down. Arigato, hoshikage!

I'm somewhat perplexed on how long Bittorrent claims that it took to download. It's currently 6:40 AM. Bittorrent says that it took 18 hours to download. I know I started the download sometime after dark last night, which means that I couldn't have started it any earlier than 7 PM last night. The math no makes sense. (Kind of like me...)

I am intrigued to note that my brain seems to store dialog from Japanese source in translation. This makes it mighty inconvenient when pondering details of a line, since vagaries are introduced in translation. And, seriously, why in translation? That takes more effort, silly brain. Just leave it in Japanese! It's not like I'm taking a memory hit for storing it in double byte or something.

The specific reason I noticed this is

When Mirai is thinking at Yapool he says that he and his brothers defeated Yapool. I assumed this happened in the movie, but the descriptions I've read on the movie don't jive -- there's supposed to be a different monster there. If that is the case and this isn't a reference to the movie (which would make sense, since the episode in question aired the day the movie came out, so most folks woudn't have seen it yet) then that implies that Mebius was involved with the fight with Yapool that happened back in Ultraman Ace (in the '70's), but was just off camera the whole time. Which is an intriguing thought, if you think about it.

Nngh, want to see the movie NOW, so I can get accurate info on this point. >.> Okay, want to see the movie NOW because it looks totally cool.

Note to self: More sleep last night was good, but maybe shooting for more than six hours would help the dropping state problem? Not so good, particularly considering that I am currently slightly behind at work and have a major project to present today. Which will go better if I get out of bed and get to work.
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