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Ghosts of Vengeful Eggs

So yesterday's weird dream was that I went and bought another car. I was making plans to move ASAP so that I would have space to park the second car, and trying to figure out how I would have the money do pay rent on a new place, since I suddenly had a new car loan to deal with.

Today's weird dream involved spending hours searching someone else's house for the remote control to their A/V system. Somehow this mutated into needing to throw rotten eggs at... Well, I don't remember what it was we had to throw the eggs at. Something that really deserved to have rotten eggs thrown at it. (Though not, as I recall, the Turkeymobile.)

I think my subconscious is out of practice, since it's actually being very obvious here. While I don't have a clue about the TV remote part, the eggs were, I think, the several months old eggs that I finally threw out last night. Fortunately, before too long the garbage truck came by, and so my dreams were no longer haunted by the ghosts of vengeful eggs crying out at their unappreciated lot in life, and I was able to go to sleep. (Albeit, only for about five more minutes before the alarm went off. *sigh*)

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