Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Disappointing "Heros"

About fifteen minutes into the pilot episode of Heros I thought, "Oh, darn. This is going to be another show like Battlestar Galactica where all my friends love it, and I can't stand it."

As you can probably tell, I don't expect that it's going to overtake Kamen Rider Kabuto or Ultraman Moebius as the current obsession du jour. I'll keep watching to see if it grows on me, but at the moment, I'm not holding my breath. Which is very disappointing, since I had high hopes coming into it.

The problem is I can't stand most of the characters. Like BG, they all strike me as being barely functional, and not people who I would like to hang out with. The Japanese guy intruigues me (okay, no surprises there), but otherwise I just don't have a lot of interest.

One major grump: The writers went to all the trouble of writing a bunch of dialog in Japanese -- Japanese that was even comprehensible, not some mutliated fangirl Japanese. The rest of the staff went to absolutely no effort to make Japan look like Japan. The end result was that there was a Japanese guy yelling in Japanese running through a Silicon Valley cube farm. It was most jarring. In fact, the one part involving this guy that most looked like Japan was Times Square. And that is just not right.

I would allow that the above grump is nit-picky. And yet, these are professional designers. They've taken the classes, and they know how to do research. They just didn't bother. If the production staff cares so little for the show, why should I?


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