Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

I reallly gotta get a bed. Sleep in Saturday mornings is just not as much fun when I'm not asleep. Nor is it any fun when the reason I'm not asleep is because my back hurts from sleeping on a not very comfy sofa bed.

I wasn't going to get back to sleep so I decided some Saturday morning cartoons were in order. Or, rather, some Saturday morning tokuzatsu. Two episodes of Moebius later, and I'm feeling less inclined to destroy the world in a fit of pique. (Which is probably a good thing, considering...)

I went and picked up more episodes (obviously). Was miffed to see that the next volume of Kabuto that I need is still missing. And to make matters worse, they reorganized and the tape versions are all missing as well. And I'm not finding torrents for this set of episodes. *is not amused*

Ultra-mama's "hair" is funny looking. I really would never have expected her to have pig tails.

Monster has been defeated. Hungry now.

Edit: Someone's subbing Kamen Rider Kabuto?? Wai! I had just been wondering why tokuzatsu shows rarely get fansubbed. And how did I miss that one of the episode titles was "Angry Tofu"?

Edit 2: According to some of the commercials during Moebius, Vodaphone is coming out with a Japanese cell phone that works overseas. The name appears to be "Aquos" and is distributed through Softbank. Further investigation into this is being conducted. (Man, that last sentence sounds awkward in English.)
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