Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Random Babbling

Ha! I was right! The guy who played, er, Sawaki Tetsuya (not the main character Sawaki Tetsuya, the other, strange and creepy one) from Agito did show up in Kabuto. I thought he looked familar.

Kabuto persists in being cool. Though I think it's slightly less deranged than, say, Agito. There is something resembling a comprehensible plot, and there is no one playing tennis with a frying pan. (I'm not sure how much that last bit is a benefit... I like Shouichi's wackiness...)

Nine episodes in, and so far so angst.

*ponders insanity* If I ran off tape copies, I could probably get them shipped to Oregon before hoshikage gets home... Because I'm all about spreading the insanity. *think* Er, I could if I still had a second VCR hooked up. I returned the first DVD already. Rats.

... Though I suspect that people are going to have to get used to me randomly pointing at the sky and stating "My grandmother used to say..."

I think Fanime should have a tokuzatsu room. Not that it would help any, since I notice that most tokuzatsu doesn't get fansubbed. I wonder why that is...?

I should be accomplishing something useful for the day, but I really cannot think what.

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