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Been watching a lot of stuff lately.

Ouran High Host Club

This is a fun series. It takes the standard shoujo tropes and then makes great fun of them -- all the while still following them. Go figure. It's highly episodic which is not a style I usually care for, and it took me a while to wamr up to most of the characters. I'm still not so fond of a couple of the ones that haven't been developed so much. But in general, it's fun. Though I do wish it would kind of develop a plot... Nonetheless, I am still downloading episodes as they come out, and am planning on picking up the manga -- albeit at used prices.

Izumo Takeki Tsurugi Senki

Izumo and swords. Hard to go wrong, right? Well, so far so whatever. This series might have potential, or it might end up being your standard high schoolers transported to an alternate fantasy world/main characters were friends but now must kill each other. *yawn* I'm not sure I'm going ot fuss over downloading more. Which is probably good, since I think it's been licenced and the torrents have been pulled.

Tokyo Underground

Another series that seems so far, so standard. It's a pretty typical late '90's anime: dorky guy (who has secretly -- though unwillingly -- been training to be an expert martial artist) must defend clueless girl from another world. I'm not sure I'm going to bother tracking down more of this either.

Girl With The Blue Eyes: The Third

Mm, pretty. This looks like it has potential. The world is kind of post apacolyptic, with some folks living in a kind of medival world, while some other mysterious folks (who all have a third eye) live in a technologically advanced world. We have a girl as the main character, which in many cases would be a Bad Sign (cute, brainless main characters do not do it for me), but this main character seems reasonable enough, for all that she does have twit moments. She also does iai and doesn't look like a complete idiot doing it (unlike the guys in Izumo Tsurugi Senki, whose swordwork makes me twitch.) More of this is downloading even as I type.

Night Head Genesis

Pretty! Pretty enough that I am ignoring that the plot is moving at a glacial pace. This series would be vastly improved if one of the characters would Stop. Screaming. ALL. The. Time. Still, I'm downloading more in the hopes that the less good parts will improve. And, besides, it's pretty.

Ultraman Moebius

This is, of course, hoshikage's fault. Ultraman is a childhood favorite, and brings back nostalgic memories of watching Captain Cosmic back when I was a wee one. Moebius keeps the feeling of the older shows while also bringing in modern elements. (I was particularly amused by everyone pulling out their cell phones and taking pictures when Ultraman showed up.) It's a fun series and I want more.

Kamen Rider Kabuto

Some Kamen Riders grab me, some don't*. This one does. It's managing that nice blend of wackiness and melodrama, quirky, annoying and yet cool characters. Incomprehensible situations that make me go WTF??? It makes me laugh out loud and yet, minutes later, has be rivited to my seat holding my breath at the pathos of it all. Four episodes in and I think I may like this series better than Kuuga. More of this will be obtained, most likely before this day is done.

* Okay, in all honesty most Kamen Rider series grab me. The only one that comes to mind that didn't was Hibiki. While I found the semi-musical style intriguing, I just didn't bond with the characters at all. Oh, and Kamen Rider Black seemed interesting, but I haven't progressed beyond one episode. I should probably remedy this at some point.

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