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One down, two to go.

So, Surly Boy's boss informs me that over the next 4-6 weeks he will be transitioning Surly Boy's job responsibilities over to Strange Stalker Boy. This is actually progress, despite Strange Stalker Boy's nickname. I'm told that SSB is very competent and detail-oriented, which is encouraging news, especially since he's taking over software testing. I can even forgive him for being utterly bemused as to why I would be reading a collection of essays on contemporary Japan. (He just really couldn't seem to get why I would have any interest whatsoever, and why I wasn't reading some romance novel instead -- yes, he did think for some reason that I would be reading some "love story", in his words, not mine. Strange Stalker Boy disturbs me.)

Entertainingly, I found out about this because I had stopped off in the Princess's office to update her on a couple of things after working with two of my coworkers who reminded me of what working with reasonable, competent individuals is like. After working with them I came to the realization that the level of my job satisfaction would increase by about 80% if just three of my coworkers were gone -- Surly Boy being one of the three. Now, if only the Village Idiot would finally get around to retiring and my boss would leave for some reason, there might be some faint hope of this being a reasonable job.

In unrelated news, the weather has suddenly change from frigid to beautiful almost overnight. Coming back indoors after lunch was almost unbearablely painful. The sun is shining. The wind is not blasting. It's warm and pleasant out. All signs that summer is almost over.

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