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- ASP.Net pages now seem to work. I installed IIS after VS.Net, so I had to run some thing-a-ma-bob to get everything set up correctly.

- Was able to successfully re-encode downloaded anime to MP2 and push it onto the Tivo. It looked... Let's just say there is further research to be done in this area. There were streaky horizontal lines through the entire picture that I suspect are caused by a lack of interlacing, and the bottom third of the picture escaped off the bottom of the screen. This is not the droid I am looking for.

- Updated resume on Dice and sent out a cover letter. I doubt I will get this position, but at least it is getting solidly back into the groove.

My hind-brain is firmly convinced that I am going to Japan in a month or so. I think it will be highly disappointed presently. But for the moment, it is busy thinking how pretty Japan in the fall is.

This got me thinking... I know I was in Japan in the fall for the past two years running. Picking 1999 as a starting year, it seems I have been in Japan in the fall 5 times since 1999. I have only gone in the spring twice. And for all that, I seem to think that I go more in the spring than in the fall. Go figure.

But this is probably why my hind-brain thinks that fall = Japan.

It's still about to be highly disappointed.

As I was headed out the door (feeling pretty good about myself for once; they gave me a task to do. I thought it would take all day. Within an hour of starting, I was essentially done, with a solution that is solid, consistent, and quick), one of the managers stopped me. It seems he wants to talk to me about how to integrate me more into other areas in the company's development arena. Considering that the company is currently undergoing a merger and I have been expecting to get shoved out the door any day now, I consider this a positive sign of continuing employment.

On the down side, this is sort of sending me into a panic. I've rather enjoyed what I've been doing for the past several months. My coworkers have been really nice and supportive, which makes a nice change from what I've been putting up with for the past... I'm not going to count, it would be depressing. I'll just leave it at, it's been several years since I worked at a company where I actually liked my coworkers. (My short stint at Limelife excluded, of course!) I will probably need to move my working hours later again, which I do not like. And I'm nervous about getting stuck on another panic project with unrealistic expectations.

OTOH, paycheck = GOOD. And it's entirely possible this will give me yet more resume fodder. So this is in general a win. I am just very nervous about it.

Hrm, the birthday entries list reminds me... weregamer, you are working at VMWare, yes? I spotted a position there that I am curious about, and am wondering if I can leverage inside sources to get on the inner track.

When I was last in Japan, for a night or two we were sharing the hotel with a high school class trip. A not very quiet one.

One evening I was reading my book, and the author pulled one of her classic fangirl bits. She does this every now and then. While I absolutely adore her storytelling, I frequently think the quality of her writing betrays her story. The section I was reading happened to be one such section. I was getting annoyed with it.

Right about that time a schoolgirl went rampaging around the hotel, calling out "Madoka? Madoka!" I just about threw the book at her out of irritation. (Both with her, and with the book.)

I just started a new book in the same series. It starts with a girl named Madoka. I should have thrown this book at the student.

On a related note: This author cleared watched too much Orange Road when she was writing this volume. First there is the girl named "Madoka". Later on a character shows up with the surname "Ayukawa". I joked that next the characters would go to Nara to meet with a monk named "Kyousuke" at the Kasuga Shrine. Which was funny right up to the point where a character named "Kasuga-senpai" showed up. Hey, Kuwabara-sensei? I was joking about the Kasuga stuff, 'kay? Now put the Orange Road down. Seriously.

And now I see that it has gotten late. I was planning on working on job hunting for an hour or so, then crawl into a hole and pull my book in after me. I am encouraged that I got really wrapped up in job hunting. But I am sad for the lack of down-time. I've been steadily increasing the amount of stuff I'm trying to get accomplished and the brain is starting to whimper under the load. Besides, the book just managed one of those scenes that just rips my heart out with the pathos of it all, and is very, very good. For all that I need to sit down and draw a chart to figure out after the last big battle where everyone was last seen, and how alive they weren't. So far I've got two characters who should definitely still be alive... though one of them has paws...

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