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Fun With Computers: Progress Report

Media server:

Project 1: Problem with etiVo not copying files. Uninstalled Tivo Desktop and EtiVo. Reinstalled both.

Status: Tivo listener service now works. EtiVo persists in not. It seems to still be checking on the Media account, so that might be the problem. Or not.

Conclusion: EtiVo is most annoying, and may not be the droid I am looking for. Something needs to be done about this, though, since I am running out of space, and this is currently preventing me from downloading WRC coverage. Most bad.

Next steps: Look for alternatives to EtiVo. While it sounds really nifty on paper, the "it doesn't work part" is a significant drawback.

Project 2: Encoding files to DivX.

Status: tried opening the Leno show up in VirtualDub. VD does not like the encoding scheme used. Grr. Would go back to the original recording, but with EtiVo no longer cooperating, I can't get it back off the Tivo again. Double grr.

Conclusion: Need to make progress at unboxing programs from Tivo's proprietary format before I can move on.

Next steps: Run in circles, scream, and shout? Probably going to have to back burner this until the EtiVo (or equivelent) problem is resolved.


Project: Install IIS

Status: Installed! And it even works! It serves pages and everything!

Conclusion: That could have been a good deal more painful...

Project: "Hello, world" in ASP.Net

Status: Errors, errors, everywhere! It's having a hissy-cow over a line that the VS IDE creates automagically. Most perplexing. Maybe there is a setting wrong somewhere...?

Conclusion: Well, considering how IIS installed without a whimper, I should have expected a snag somewhere. It will undoubtedly be something stupid, like a capitalization error.

Grocery shopping:

Status: Not started.

Conclusion: I am going to regret this in the morning...

I think it's time for some well-earned DDR. I feel a deep urge to stomp on something.

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