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My Weekend

My favorite quote from the weekend: "The archeologist doesn't have a radar gun." It reminds me of the Groundhog Day episode of Stargate: "what sort of archelogist carries a gun?" My second thought was: why would an archeologist need a radar gun? Most of the things that are old enough to be of interest to them don't move that fast.

The story behind this: for the rally I was at this weekend part of one of the transits goes along a section of "historic road". Not sure what makes the road historic. But this means that traffic on it (that they know about) is strictly controlled, in the interests of preserving said road. (I am really, really curious about what makes this road historic, and why it is so tricky to preserve it...) And it's pretty hard to tell if a rally car is travelling at 15 MPH or below based just on the sound. Hence, why the archeologist not having a radar gun was a problem.

Two weeks later I was back at the hotel I first visited for X Games. It was a bit surreal being there and not seeing all the really pricey cars the Big Boys drive. No seeing Colin McRae dining in the greasy spoon trucker dive. But a lot calmer, since this was a no-pressure rally for me -- particularly combined with the high stress of X Games. This time I didn't go to try and be part of Making Something Happen, or to make contacts (though there were a couple of people I was hoping to run into and chat with.) Gorman is a small, local rally. And I went because I felt it was important to support the small, local rallies. I'm not just about the bright lights and big names, I can get down and get dirty with the best of them.

Besides, I could drive down in the morning and be completely finished with the event by 23:00 the same day. Gorman's a short rally. And it's my closest one.

Strangest moment of the weekend: Picture this. I'm sitting in a Mcdonalds in King's City, reading my book. (Said book was in Japanese -- something that they don't get a lot of in King's City -- so I was already in a somewhat surreal mood.) Suddenly I hear someone talking, and after a moment I realize that, hey, I think they're talking to me. And they're saying "... it is you! Of all the places -- what are you doing here??" And I look up, and there is etoilnoir959. Which, uh, yeah... Say, what is she doing here? What am I doing here, for that matter?? I was so surprised (and the brain was still parsing Japanese) that I didn't even think to ask how the pregnant Totoro is doing. Or do much of anything, really, other than giggle and be very, very startled. etoilnoir959, sorry for being such a space case! My brain was not firing on all four... Great to see you! :)

For reasons unknown to me, there were vast herds of Ferarris roaming the plains of 101 south. I'm betting there was an event at Laguna Seca. But I gotta say, after the fifteenth Ferarri going the other way I stopped bothering to crank my head around to watch them go by. Ferarris are something that are best savored in smaller amounts.

Finally saw the Moto X Best Trick coverage. As in, something other than the double backflip. Not to say that I didn't see the double backflip as well. Even knowing how it was going to turn out, it was pretty exciting watching as Travis started down the ramp for his second run. I'm glad I didn't watch it live, I would have been sawing my fingernails off like a beaver with a wood pile.

Not much else... It was a good, relaxing weekend. Which is a Very Good Thing, since everything has been overwhelmingly stressfull for the past two weeks. Company got bought, so I may be out on the street yet again (so SICK of this. Sick, sick, SICK!!! Two *(^#&$ years of my job being in jeopardy every &*^@! day has gotten old, old, older than something that's really, really old and is so old that it's gone past smelly and rotten and into something that is indescribably vile and creepy. Old.) Missed a deadline that I didn't know about. Probably because I didn't know about the deadline. Also because there were files that I needed to change in order to meet the deadline, and two solid weeks of politely worded whines of "I don't know where these files are, could someone please help" met with nothing useful until about an hour before the deadline. (I didn't get the files until a couple of days after the deadline. Which, y'know, makes it hard to meet said deadline.) So, yeah. Relaxing = good. More stress = more cries of "how long, Great Pumpkin, how long????"

And now, it is past my bed time. Come sweet slumber, enfold me in thy fruitful cloak.

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