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Random tip... Folks looking to fly sometime soon, I'm finding that you may want to try calling travel agencies or hitting the airlines' web pages directly to look for fares. Online sites like Expedia and Travel Zoo are giving completely ridiculous itineraries for outrageous prices. (SF to Tokyo for $2100 -- with a transfer in LAX and San Jose? Uh... I think not.)

Folks going to Japan in April, I'm currently finding fares for around $870. Surprisingly, LAX is more expensive. Color me surprised. Will have to see how much the fares to England are (now that they appear to be coming to their senses) to figure out which trip gets my frequently flier miles. Providing, of course, that sanity remains and no one tells me to check my multiple thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment in my checked luggage. (Uh, what part of "no way in hell" is not making sense here?) And that I'm willing to get sick every time I set foot on a plane, since my government appears to have missed the memo that water is an important component for living. Still with the grrr on that one...

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