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Last Goobering Before The Blackout

Anyone not interested in rallying, stop here.

From rally-live:

At Subaru, Petter Solberg is fighting the flu but feels confident for the rest of the week-end: "I'm quite happy. The car handles well and I can't wait to start the hostilities." Tommi Makinen had problems with the gas pedal, but they seem to have been corrected: "The car is now perfect. But I had a big scare when I had to avoid an idiot planted in the middle of the road while I was in sixth gear. I barely missed him."

Hostilities? o.0

And here I had been impressed at how civilized everyone seemed in their competitiveness.

Though given Makinen's comments, it sounds like hostilities towards stupid spectators has already begun. Or maybe that's hostilities by stupid spectators?

Iwaki, isn't this one of the rallies that Mitsubishi will be running at?

*sigh* No more checking Rally-live until after the 15th. I don't want to be spoiled for the results until I can watch the broadcast. Yay Speed Channel.
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