Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Pirates, Danes, and Tanabata

Actually, I think the order is reversed...

Went to see Pirates II today. As I was parking I noticed that the car behind me had a licence plate reading "Orihime". Considering that today is Tanabata, I was pretty chuffed.

(Okay, I'm sure the plate is refering to the Bleach character of the same name. But on Tanabata, cool nonetheless.)

That would be 'Danes, of the "mundane" variety. Specifically, in line behind us at Pirates, making rude comments about the folks coming in costume. I said nothing, deciding that there would be little point in telling them that some of the folks were my friends, and I didn't really appreciate hearing rude comments being made about them. Still, it makes me glad I'm not so narrow-minded as to be a Mundane. For them it seems that "having a life" is more interesting than "having fun". Personally, I don't call their version of "having a life" living. But if it makes 'em happy, they are welcome to it. Heck, they can have my share too if it make them so happy.

Fun. Highly silly. Probably not as tightly done as the first movie, but I suppose in the end time will tell. Well worth a watch -- if nothing else the eye candy is as lovely as ever.

Must get up early. I am trying to make up for being a Bad Car Mama by taking my baby in for routine servicing. Must convince them that it is too time to change the brake fluid, and remind them that it is not at all time to change the oil, since I just did that last week. (I'm not a Completely Awful Car Mama, after all...)
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