Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

From FF3 Reviews

(That's Fast and the Furious 3, not Final Fantasy 3.)

"I felt as if Knightrider was invading the OC."

This comment makes me nostalgic for the time that llamabitchyo, rhylar and I were coming up with the plot for a Knight Rider/Initial D crossover fic. It was inspired by a bad IniD fic. I leave the rest to the reader's imagination.

llamabitchyo, you may want to read the review linked to above. It is amusingly snarky, and features wonderful comments like (after commenting that the movie was written by three monkeys) "The monkeys must have been on holiday that day and the hippos did the job."

I have no idea if any of these comments were merited, since I don't see the film until Sunday. I expect entertainment. Not sure what kind, but I figure a film like this can't help but be entertaining. (Though I have a bad feeling that most of the entertainment that the folks going with me will derive will come from watching me twitch violently at a wide variety of highly improbable things.)

Oh, and sakon76, if you want, once it comes out on DVD we can arrange to sit down and watch it together. I promise to reserve some twitching for later, so you can watch.
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