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18 June 2006 @ 09:44 pm
Kai 108 Pilgrimage  
Guide to the Kai 108 pilgrimage

The temple that Sanjou-no-kata is interred at is apparently noted for its cherry blossoms. This bumps it marginally higher on the list, given that we will be there at cherry blossom season.

Suiseki-ji (where Shingen was born) looks like it is straightforward enough to get to (bus to Sekisui-ji from JR Koufu station), but might take a while. It's also on the Kai 108 pilgrimage. I would love to start this pilgrimage at temple 1, but it looks like all the cool stuff is up in the 60's.

Ah! But temple #1 is Kai Zenkou-ji. This is already on the must-see list -- preferably for the next trip.

Going to sleep now.