Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Squishy White Paydirt... Sort Of

I go looking for a thousand year old castle, and what do I find?


Complete with GPS coordinates and a street address. Does it get any more convenient than that?

The sad thing is, I'm about 98% positive that this is not the tofu shop I am looking for. First off, it's located in Shibukawa. Gallery Stage says that the model for the tofu shop isn't in Ikaho or Shibukawa. He also says (and his photos show) that where Bunta parks the Hachiroku in the manga doesn't really exist -- in real life there is a building there.

Secondly, the manga shows that there is a telephone pole in front of the store. The shots from Gallery Stage are inconclusive if there is a telephone pole there or not -- though there are wires coming down indicate that there may be a pole that's just outside of the frame. The Shibukawa one clearly does not have a telephone pole in front.

Though the sign next to the Shibukawa tofu store I've seen somewhere before...? *shrug*

At any rate, the next time I'm in Shibukawa I will stop in for a look. I've been meaning to get around to re-taking my shots in Shibukawa anyway, since I took them when I had not clue about the series -- I had only been watching for a couple of months and I think I hadn't even seen all of the anime by that point. I know I hadn't read all the manga yet.

Ah. Further research shows that this is not the original model. Project T says that an existing tofu store remodeled itself to look like the Fujiwara Tofu Store.

Just in case I lose the page or they take it down, the location is:
36 degrees 29 minutes 40 seconds north latitude by 139 degree 0 minutes 20 seconds east. The address is 群馬県渋川市寄居町. A Mapfan map is located here
So it looks like the quest for the real tofu store continues. *sigh* I'm just as happy, though. Getting handed the GPS coordinates felt a bit like cheating.

While finding things that are still not a thousand year old Japanese castle, I found an intriguing place named "Subaru Town". This? This would be the main Subaru plant. They even have a track set up in the complex. I suspect this would be the track that Petter is going to next week to test the new car model.

It is possible that I will pass by Subaru Town on the train while going to the thousand year old Japanese castle. Provided I ever FIND said castle and stop getting side-tracked. Hm, which reminds me that I wanted to double-check a couple of references on the location of Yuuichi's gas station and see if there is any information on the bus stop that my map says is in front of the station. La, la, la. Sidetracked again. Oh well. The castle has been there a thousand years. It can wait while I go doing more random research.
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