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Japan Live View Links

(Note to self: No, really. Quit looking at live camera views of Japan at 1 AM Japan time. Just trust me on this.)

For Hoshikage Want to know what the weather in Japan is like currently? Try Live views of Japan
Also, Kyoto Live Cam. The cameras off this link are in the Teramachi/Shijou district, which is the main central shopping district. (I'm told that Kyoto's equivalent of Akihabara is in this area, but I've never gone and checked it out.))

(Note, the first link requires Japanese to make a lot of sense out of. The second link you can probably do something with by just running your mouse around the map until you find a link.)

(I need to go through the links on the first page sometime when there's daylight. Some of them look like they might be promising. Interestingly, a lack of daylight does not seem to entirely stop the Ikaho ishikaidan machi live cam. There are enough street lights around, so there is still a picture visible.)

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