Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

In Which The Sandpanther Contemplates Something Frivolous

Rally Mexico looms on the horizon. (Start in 24 days 17 hours 55 minutees and 17 seconds.)

I want to go. That goes without saying. I mean, Mexico. Rally. It's so close. It was so awesome last year. Of course I want to go. It's been eating my brain for the past two weeks.

And yet, the practical little voice in the back of my head throws up all kinds of objections: I probably shouldn't spend the money since the job situation is unstable. (It isn't, really, but my risk-adverse side says that since it's a contract it's unstable.) I don't have any vacation time. I just went to Japan back in November, so there is no way to get the time.

Realistically, I'm just being paranoid about the money. Mexico's cheap, so it's not like it's a lot of money anyway. But the time... There's the stickler. There's not too much I can do about the time. After being gone in Japan for two weeks there is no way the Frau would let me go to Mexico for another week.

And then I got to thinking...

Rallies are on the weekend after all. Okay, there is Friday -- but the rest of it is on the weekend, a time when people in most normal companies aren't working. It's nice to be there for the recce, scrutineering, shakedown and everything, but... Why not a weekend trip? Pop in Friday, fly back Sunday night...?

I did mention the completely frivolous part, right? And the quite mad part, right?

All of this thinking has been done while sitting at work, not doing much of anything. After all the insanity and overtime of December all of a sudden I don't have anything to do. Execpt for the part where I wouldn't get paid, I half wish that I could just take the time off, since everything is so slow. I bet that I could ask for two, maybe three days off and it wouldn't be a problem right now. Hmm...

If I skipped shakedown I could fly in on Thursday. I'd be sad to miss shakedown, but there is all the rest of the rally still, so... The rally ends early enough that I could probably catch a flight out Sunday evening. Maybe fly to Houston on Sunday, then catch an early flight back to San Jose Monday morning and zoom straight in from the airport to work. That way I would only take off two days of work, but I get to see all the action from the rally. Hmmmm...

A quick browse through Expedia shows that I could catch a flight out of San Jose at 6 PM Wednesday before the rally that would land in Leon at 6:05 AM. I could still make shakedown! Flying back, there is a flight out at 7:35 PM -- well after all the rally action has finished -- that lands in LAX at 8:35 PM. The flight out to San Jose doesn't go out until 6:40 the next morning, but... There are always hotels near the airport.

This? This could work.

I am quite mad. But other than that, can anyone tell me why this is a bad idea?

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