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New Phone

My "old" phone (a Nokia 3120) has annoyed me pretty much from the moment I got it. I have been intending to replace it since... Pretty much always, really. It wouldn't display the clock unless it was in "screensaver" mode, and I hated the ring tones but could never figure out how to get newer, better ones onto it. I got the phone in January and by March I was plotting its replacement. The Nokia? It just did not do what I wanted it to do, and I wondered why I even bought it in the first place.

Working for a company that does cell phone applications did not discourage me. If anything, the resounding cries of "I hate Nokias!" from pretty much everyone there tipped me even more fully away from the Nokia bandwagon. Besides, after spending a morning wandering through the office with one particular phone that looked an awful lot like an Old Trek Communicator (randomly flipping it open and barking things like "Bones! I need! More! Power!!" "Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not an engineer") I decided that I really, really needed a flip phone. Just because it's tres geek.

Oh, yeah, and I need a quad-band phone, just because I travel internationally so much. It won't work in Japan (basically nothing will), but I have spent many happy minutes contemplating how much less stressful meeting up with folks in England would have been (for all of us!) if I had a cell phone they could have reached me at. And from those happy ponderings I concluded that getting a phone that works abroad was one of my personal requirements of Things I Must Have If I Am To Go To Wales For My Birthday -- second on the list to "a stable job", in fact. (Right ahead of "thingie to broadcast the IPod onto the rental car's radio" and "more lenses!!")

Well, thanks to a bit of arm-twisting and a lot of kindness on the part of cirdan_havens and z107m, I now have a new phone. It flips! It shows the time! It doesn't have ring tones that sound like a croaking frog! Bliss!!!

The new phone (for those of the cell phone-y persuasion) is a Sony Ericsson Z520a (a fact that I can find out with the mere press of a button -- how cool is that?) It's dark blue and silver, and has this weird loop thingie at the top as the antenna. When I first saw the antenna I thought it looked like one of the foot-handles on the Trooper's armour (from Samurai Troopers.) Being dark blue and having a Trooper hand-hold, it is, of course, named "Tenku". (I can't find that out with one press of a button, so you'll just have to trust me on this part; I have, in fact, officially named the phone "Tenku". It even says so under one of the menu options.)

And while I'm talking about the antenna and being silly (since, after all, this entire post is fundamentally silly), I'll share a little amusement from this evening. As I was leaving work and looking around for my car (who was, of course, hiding as usual) I glimpsed the rear end of the STi in the parking lot. The picnic bench rear spoiler brought to mind the funky antenna on the cell phone. I pulled it out and compared, and yes, indeed, my cell phone has a rear wing. It's not as egregious as the one decorating the hind end of the STi... More like the demure little wing that graces my car's deriere. With it being blue and the wing/handhold thing and all, I'm tempted to call it the Subaru Tenku. I wonder if I can replace all the silvery bits will yellow/gold.

I love this phone. I've only had it for a day and I am so, so, SO very much happier with it than I was with the annoying Nokia. I pick the phone up and I see the time (which tells me it's past my bed time and I should stop being silly typing up a post about a phone.) It has a cool ring tone that reminds me of a song I like that brings back happy memories. I could figure out how to do most of the stuff I do on a regular basis without having to read the manual (which, by the way, is more informative than its Nokia collegue, based on my quick skim through it.)

I had orginally been planning on buying the V3 RAZR, since they look so darn cool. But then someone handed me this one. It's smaller, cuter, lighter, and the buttons aren't annoying the way the ones on the RAZR are. But you know what really sold me on the phone?

It comes with Lemonade as one of the games loaded onto it.

"What is Lemonade?" you may ask. Lemonade is an ooooooooooold game that I used to play back when I was a young geek still in grade school. Back in those days computers didn't have monitors. They were teletypes. (I am seriously dating myself here...) Actually, the teletype wasn't really a computer, it would just print the output from what the computer sent it. Yeah, print out. Like, on paper and everything. And not any of this fancy-smancy modern paper, no. I'm talking about the stuff with the tear-off strips with the holes that fed the paper through. We had to use an acoustic modem (I bet most people reading this don't even know what I'm talking about with this "acoustic modem" thing) to dial in to a remote "mainframe". Said "mainframe" had less computing power than my Tivo and less hard drive space than my answering machine, but it was still the coolest thing around. We would dial into the school's mainframe to learn about computers. And one of the ways they would teach kids about how to use computers was through games. (Some things never change, huh?) And one of those games was Lemonade.

And now I have Lemonade running on my phone. Which also has more computing power and quite probably more memory than the old "mainframe" that I used to use a telephone to communicate with.

I am pleased.

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