Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Ten Years Later

It's amazing to think of now (since so much of the experience is fresh in my mind), but I left LucasArts a little over ten years ago. Before I left, at the last all-hands meeting I attended they were announcing upcoming projects for the Lucas companies, primarily ILM. I don't remember most of what they said, but one movie in particular stuck in my mind: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe.

Seriously. Some version of it has been on the books for that long.

I missed it opening weekend due to work suck. I almost missed it today because of more work suck, but I decided that taking time off to go see a movie was probably wise, given. And I was most pleased.

That is all. (No, no real review here. I feel no need to disect at this time. Perhaps the next time I get together with fresne, but not now.)

On a slightly related note, I came home after the movie and, possessed of a horrible desire to find the only Narnia book I owe (Prince Caspian, easily my favorite), I dug through the stacks of books that haven't entirely been unpacked, and was most successful at finding things. Not only did I find Prince Caspian, I also found my copy of the condensed (and simplified) Hakkenden, a Japanese book on Hideyoshi, and Lloyd Alexander's The High King, which I had been unable to find back when I felt the urge to re-read it after watching The Black Cauldron. I am most pleased.

All this digging through books also gave me an opportunity to rearrange some of my books so that they actually fit on the shelves, which is most pleasing. And now I shall retire to bed with my newly rediscovered loot books and then go to sleep, which will also be most pleasing.

Tomorrow I resume trying to catch up on work stuff. Hopefully there will still be pleasure associated with that as well. We will see. Count so far on the task that my project manager thought would take half a day: 16 hours. And I anticipate that there is at least another four left to go. I'm very glad that I live on planet Earth, where work days are a good deal shorter than 40 hours.

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