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Why Historical Dramas Are Fun

What did I do this weekend? (Other than fuss about work, that is...)

Read a ton of Mirage. I was startled to realize last night that I've plowed through about 170 pages since Saturday. *sweatdrop* Considering that I read significantly slower in Japanese than in English (like, about three times slower), that represents an awful lot of time... What can I say, the story's gotten good. (Gooder? Whatever.)

But I've been so wrapped up in the story that I haven't paused to look up details on the latest historical gumbies personages.

A quick leafing through Turnbull produced the following entertainment:

Miura Yoshimoto

Little is known of this samurai, the son of Yoshiatsu, who was the last of a long line to bear the name of Miura, except to note that he was defeated by Hojo Souun at the battle of Arai in 1518 and committed suicide by cutting his own head off!

My book has a copy of a woodblock print of this rather remarkable suicide.

Unfortunately, this remarkable (though obscure) historical figure does not appear to be the character in my book. Pity. I would take great delight in, every time this character appeared, snickering at him that the only thing of historical note about him is that he cut his own head off. Instead I am dealing with Miura Yoshioki: someone who is so obscure in history that I do not have a single reference on him in either Japanese or English. Which, given me and my resources, is saying something. And thus it is that I wonder if he might not still happen to be Cuts His Own Head Off Guy.

Yoshioki's father, Yoshiatsu, is somewhat less obscure. Just to show what an incestous little group the Kanto folks are, Yoshiatsu was a son of Uesugi Takamasa who was adopted into the Miura. (That would be the Yamanouchi Uesugi I am assuming, not the Echizen. Though Takamasa is about as obscure historically as his grandson as far as my resources are concerned. Man, I feel like such a snob. "That would be the Yamanouchi Uesugi, not the Echizen Uesugi, dahling. How could you possibly confuse them?" At some point I will have to type up all my research on the Uesugi clan(s) so that it will make sense why I differentiate them. And say that the latter Echizen Uesugi are all Nagao anyway.)

Satomi Yoshitaka hunted down and killed his father's nephew after said nephew had Yoshitaka's father assasinated. (I'm assuming that said nephew would also be Yoshitaka's cousin, since one's father's nephew is one's cousin. Nonetheless, all my references say that it was his father's nephew, but do not indicate if Yoshitaka was related. Given all the adopting that went on, it's possible that they weren't related.) After that the only note I find on him is that he was defeated by Hojo Ujitsuna at the first battle of Kounodai.

I am amused by the entry on Yoshitaka's son Yoshihiro:

Folloinw in his father's footsteps, Yoshihiro was defeated at the second battle of Kounodai in 1564 by Hojo Ujiyasu.

Apparently being defeated at Kounodai by a Hojo is a Satomi family tradition. One which Yoshiyori (who is in my book and my story) did not appear to carry on. All my sources say is that he continued the Satomi/Hojo war. Apparently he's not terribly interesting historically anyway. (Which fits with his character in Mirage. No, I don't really care for him.)

All this Satomi flying around... When I can get the books to release my brain (I was going to take a break after the end of the last story arc, honest! It just ended... badly. End of Buffy musical badly -- only kinda worse) I am going to have to re-watch Hakkenden. And now I must pause for a moment of fangirlish squealing: Murasame!!! Heee!!!!

(That makes sense to Hakkenden fans. Honest. It's not just me being weird.)

Bah. A bad side effect of reading Mirage is that I tend to think of Sengoku period historical figures in the present tense.

In real life news, I completed my first honestly complex ASP page. Go me! And have worked myself back into having noticable moments of brain-lock. Boo, hiss.

Bah. I really did want to blog about the high schooler who tried hitting on me in Japanese in the grocery store parking lot. Let's see if I remember to do it tomorrow.
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