Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Year In Review 1

January: There is a custom in Japan that the first dream of the New Year indicates the way the year is going to be for you.

February: So, the guy who I am supposed to transition my job to finally wrote to me today.

March: Conversation between rhylar and I:

Rhylar: I only know the medical terms that are in my Japanese phrasebook. I think "shodoku" is "antiseptic", and "hoteki" is "bandage".

April: Y'know, it's hard to stay depressed about getting laid off when every time I go in to work I get forcefully reminded of why I wanted to leave this place to begin with.


Argh! I am filled with the deepest seething hatred for this one company that keeps posting nifty-looking job openings that list that they are located in San Jose, but are, in fact, located at their company headquarters which are near LAX.

June: While clearing out the tech equipment from the rooms at Fanime, [info]racerxmachina and I noticed some unpleasant-looking white stains on the carpet in one of the video rooms.

July: Ph34r the donkey protest.

August: I know I have been doing too much home improvement when... While watching a show the home owner says that the walls aren't white, they are "swiss coffee"... and I say "Hey! I know that color! I was just using that to paint something."

September: I would swear the car I just heard going around the block had an anti-lag system.

October: Because I really must be snarky at my family.

November: In Japan.

December: Tired... Want to sleep. So what do I do?

Decide that I can't go to bed until I find out the history on some incredibly minor character in MoB is.

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