Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Sure, You Can Get There -- But Can You Get Back?

A thought occured to me after I was babbling about visiting the Hayashizaki Iai Shrine in my previous post: sure, it will be easy to pick up a taxi at the train station to take out to the shrine. But how was I planning on getting back? My recollection is that the Hayashizaki Shrine was kind of out of the way -- even for a city that is decidedly off the beaten track to begin with.

A bit of research, and it turns out that 1) there appears to be a bus that goes from the Murayama train station which stops at the Hayashizaki Shrine, and 2) It's probably only about a 2 mile walk. This can be handled.

While doing the research I stumbled on this page, which features some comments by someone who was at the enbu that was done for the All Japan Iaido Federation's 50 year anniversary. It's a little weird looking at the photo and thinking "I was there..."

Another picture from the anniversary festivities

And (because I really am Research Girl), here is a map of the bus routes in Murayama, off of the Murayama City homepage.

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