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So tired... Probably won't post much. I have been enjoying having the internet access while it's here. I will be sad tomorrow, since they move us upstairs again. *sniff* At least all the screaming kids have shut up. (Except for the one who just dropped something right over my head...)

I creamed myself in the head with my camera four days ago. It still hurts. Grr.

Today we went to Byoudou-in in Uji. Jan and I had been out there once before (along with seshat), which brought up memories of the last time. We met a very entertaining young Japanese man back then who told us interesting stories, including that sumo wrestlers are so big around that their arms can't reach behind themselves. So when they go to the bathroom, their wife has to go with them to wipe their behind, since the wrestlers can't reach back there themselves. I'm sure you all wanted to know that.

Not too much to say about Byoudou-in. It's nifty, and there were hordes of tourists. We did finally figure out why the Uji Bridge is famous -- it shows up a bunch of times in The Tale of Genji, and is a symbol of the city of Uji, bringing with it memories of the atmosphere of the town. Eh, whatever. Now I know why I could not remember why the bridge was famous.

Speaking of bridges, I am going to have a little fangirl digression. Uji is where the final battle from the MoB OVAs take place. I've always been a little perplexed why it wasn't on the Uji Bridge (since it's famous), or at Byoudou-in. I mean, in a place where there is not one but two World Cultural Heritage sites, why are they blowing up some silly little park in the middle of the river? Sure, the JNTO ninjas would be watching the battle nervously; but they wouldn't interfere unless things moved somewhere of more cultural importance.

Well, now I understand why the battle was there. That spot is where Minamoto no Yoshitsune fought his cousin, Kiso Yoshinaka. Ah-ha! Old battlefield (albeit earlier than Sengoku period) makes much more sense than blowing up really old shrines and temples. And thus is why Byoudou-in was spared destruction. I can sleep well at night knowing this.

(Yes, I am babbling yet again. Yes, it is past my bedtime yet again.)

Tomorrow should be Ohara, and a bloody ceiling temple. And hopefully some strange flavor of ice cream.
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