Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Back In Kyoto, Back With Net

Bah, the cigarette smoke in here is making me dizzy.

Back in Kyoto. I`ll have some net access, when I feel like paying for it. Unless I can find free wi-fi somewhere. (Yes, I`m looking; I`m a sad little addict.)

Walking quickly through crowds is a lot like chosing the correct driving line I'm finding.

I can't believe how many GT-Rs I've seen this trip. I thought it was a somewhat rare car...

Walking through the crowds all of a sudden I found myself humming the Katamari Damacy theme song. "I can roll them all up!" I thought. Imagining all the screams as I rolled my katamarai through the crowd entertained me a good deal.

Thanks to rhylar I now have a source of money. My ATM card arrived by Fed Ex sometime while we were on Shikoku. It works, and now I am a happy, funded Sandpanther.

... Not that I have managed to find much to spend money on. *sigh* One would think a series of Japanese novels would not be that hard to find in Japan.

Speaking of novels, periodically I get the strangest hiccoughs when the brain suddenly slips sideways and makes an association between a place and soemthing that happens in MoB. Take the other day, for example. I'm sitting on the Kyoto train platform and all of a sudden I realize that the hotel I'm looking at served as the model for the hotel in the Kyoto story arc. And suddenly I remember what happened in that hotel that I'm staring at *right* *there*. *twitch* Not something I care to think about with my mother sitting next to me. >.>

Today, for reasons that I do not understand, I have been channeling my inner seshat. I'm diving for train seats and instinctively heading for the escalators. Except for a short while when I went shopping in Osaka. Then I was my normal self. But as soon as I hit the train station, it was back to the escalators and the laziness for me.

Chestnut cream donuts are really good. They have them as a special at Mister Donuts. Mmmm! There is a Mister Donut right next to the place that makes really tasty hot chocolate over by where the free internet access used to be. I'm going to have to drag my laptop over there and indulge while trying to see if I can't somehow sneak on.

I'm intrigued by what entertainment I have been craving. Unsurprisingly, I have been wanting to gnaw my own limbs off in impatience with not having any news from Down Under. (Not that now that I have access I have checked... I am savoring.) But all of a sudden I want to re-read IniD and (this surprised me) Bleach. Looking around through the tokuzatsu sections is making me want to re-watch Kuuga. And I'm back to seriously thinking about the IniD tour of Japan. Hands up, who wants to come with?

Speaking of IniD, I'm a bit surprised by how much IniD doujinshi remains in the stores. I was seeing more IniD than Naruto, though maybe I wasn't looking hard enough at the Naruto. Oddly enough, there seems to be as much IniD doujinshi as MoB. That realization was kind of... daunting. Fortunately I rapidly realized that MoB doujinshi holds little interest for me, and I was able to flee quickly.

Have I mentioned yet how annoyed I am that every Kuwabara book I've found is one I already have? Particularly the ones I found for 50 yen apiece. At that price I could afford to slow boat them back and still be cheaper than ordering them new. Oh, except for the part where I already have every book that I've found so far.

I'm going to be quite bitter if, in the book I am currently reading (the last book of the Wadatsumi no Youkihi arc in MoB), they blow up Itsukushima shrine. (They already completely torched the remains of Hagi Castle, grr.) Kagetora, dude, if anything happens to that shrine I will personally sic the JNTO ninjas on you!!

(Yes, I am steadily making less and less sense. I blame it on the cigarette smoke and this annoying keyboard.)

Eh, that is all the babbling for the moment.

seshat, any interest in a Natsu Gundam Seed series? Or a Tohru Azumi artbook that has some German-sounding name? (Ki-something, I think...) Also, you didn't send me a list of CDs to keep an eye out for you.

Hm, looks like McDonalds offers wi-fi. Must check it out... If I can remember where one is!
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