Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Today went much better than yesterday. Transfered from Kyoto to Izumo with no problems. Was somewhat startled when I passed a station named 直江. Was also somewhat startled when I spotted a station named "shrimp". Ironically, it was for a land-locked town.

Izumo, of course, makes me think of Yakumo Tatsu. Want to re-read~~~.

Tried out my credit card to pay for the hotel -- and it worked! *dansu* Either my exhausted whining at the credit card company last night did something, or I had the very bad luck of having two really messed up card readers in a row.

I forgot to mention... Amidst all the fuss yesterday I also discovered that I have a stow-away.

More later, when I'm not falling over exhausted.
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