Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

So Far So Adventure

In Japan. So far:

1.) My flight was delayed almost an hour. This caused us to miss the JR office being open, so we couldnt activate our rail passes. *sigh* I now know where to do it in Tokyo Station.

2.) I realized at the airport that my ATM card has expired, and I dont have the new one. Not great for getting cash, but hey, I have a credit card, so this can be managed.

3.) But wait! My credit card now does not work. Why? I cannot tell. It is paid up, and the credit card company says that everything is fine. They have no explanation for why it has been denied at two seperate places in two different countries. Thanks for the help, guys.

4.) There is no more free internet in Kyoto station. You now have to have a Japanese telephone to use the internet there. *sigh*

5.) My camera is not functioning properly. The flash wont pop up. *sigh* I can still use it, but with limitations. *worries*

On the bright side, I have the following: A mother who brought tons of money in travellers checks, cheese pan from my favorite bakery in the world, and a bag of Haribos. The first one helps me cope with the mess, the second one reminds me that all is not suck, and the last one makes me smile. So there is hope that I may survive the other unpleasantness. Nonetheless, if someone felt like tossing good energy my way, it would certainly be appreciated.

With luck, tomorrow I will have internet access, and will be staying somewhere with an incredible looking bath. For now, I am going to go soak in the bath at Hotel Iida, and then will return to my book. And pass out, since a little unconsciousness could go a long way. So could figuring out where the apostrophe key is on this keyboard. Not to mention the underscore. This being particularly inconvenient considering my main personal e-mail account uses an underscore. *mutter, mutter*

Going away to soak now.

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