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Easily Confused

I think there is an Easily Confused virus going around, and I've caught it. I'm sure I came down with it because I've been dead tired all the time for, like, at least four weeks now. (It's not a not-enough-sleep thing, since sleepign more doesn't seem to fix it; I think it's a too-much-stress thing, since spending an hour playing the new Katamari Damacy followed by re-watching a movie I like did a lot to help -- temporarily.)

So the latest sign of the Easily Confused virus came in the mail today. I tried to make a hotel reservation for a place we want to stay in Japan. I got back a message saying that they couldn't make the reservation I requested, but there is an alternative booking possible. I stared at the alternative booking. I've checked every variable several times, at several different times of day (just in case I wasn't conscious enough the first time.) The "alternative booking" is the booking that I originally wanted. Now I am most confused. Pleased, but confused.

(Still must make a reservation that requires that I go through a Japanese page to make the reservation. Don't ask me why I'm fussed about doing this, but I am. Still, for a huge bath, jaccuzzi and free high-speed Internet access in my room, I will do it. Rar!)

I should have Internet access the entire time while I'm in Japan except for the exact days when Rally Oz is running. That there is what we call irony. *rolls eyes*

Or how about this example of the Easily Confused virus: I am currently at home awaiting a call from Unemployment, asking why I left my job at The Place Of Evil. This would be, you know, the place that laid me off back in April. Which is why I even had to deal with EDD in the first place. I am most confused as to why they are asking (again) about why I left now, six months later. Most confusing. I wish the Unemployment people would hurry up and call me, so I can get back to work. So, y'know, I can stop having to talk to the Unemployment people. (I think there's some irony in there too, but I'm ignoring it.)

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