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Links! Dance! Happy!!

My links are back! My links are back!!!

*makes with the happy dance*

My links? They are back! This make me happy. This makes me dance. This makes me do the happy dance.

Dance! Dance!

Happy! Happy!

About a year and a half ago my laptop (the Piggietop) died and abrupt and very final-seeming death. Not a big, I'd kept most of the important stuff backed up to my desktop.

One week later, that died too.

I am not one to sit without a computer for long, so I bought my "new" laptop not long after.

Just for his personal entertainment, one friend of mine was able to revive the Piggietop, but in the process he wiped the hard drive. He kept all the stuff in My Documents, but the rest of the drive was nuked, including all of my IE bookmarks.

Another friend of mine took the desktop in hand and revived it. But in the process he said he had wiped it. So all my backups went away too. *sigh*

Since I already had another computer I didn't see any need to turn on either of my now-resurrected computers for a very long time. In fact, I didn't turn the desktop on until today.

Well, it turns out that my friend didn't wipe the hard drive. All of my junk is still there. Including my bookmarks.

As odd as it sounds, suddenly finding that I don't have a completely wiped computer is somewhat less than convenient. See, I was planning on using the (supposedly wiped) computer as what I'm calling the Media Server. Long term it will be the computer I use to talk to the Tivo, to copy programs off, edit out commercials, then burn them to DVD. Short term I am planning on using it to record the Rally Japan coverage while I'm out at work tomorrow.

But before I do any of that, I wanted to upgrade to Windows XP. Since I've discovered that I didn't lose all my stuff, now I have stuff to potentially lose in the upgrade. Talk about slowing the process down.

Still, at the end of the day it's all good. I have over 30 GB of space that I can free up, and it turns out that I didn't lose all my bookmarks. My favorite Inital D genba photo sites are back up again

So, ayatsujik, remember when I was complaining that my favorite IniD genba photo sites were down? It turns out that my favorite one is back, and can be found here. And that site has a link to my second favorite site, which can be found here. Check them out when you get a chance.

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