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Contract C, for those who have been following the drama.

The position is a six month contract, with heavy indication that it is likely to last at least a year and/or possibly go permanent. It's a good resume builder, since it is heavy in Web technologies that I'm weak in. Also, it does higher volume transactional database processing than I've done before, which will be nice to add to the resume.

In short:
Up sides: 10 minute commute (I'm thinking of getting a bike), excellent resume fodder. Oh, and it's a frickin' JOB!

Down sides: Contract position with no benefits, and I'm not thrilled to death with their work hours (11-7 is more of the core hours. *shudder*)

I didn't get the permanent position I was applying for. In some ways I'm kind of relieved by this. I think the contract position is a better option, but I know that I would probably have gone for the permanent position if they had offered. And I know after a while that commute would annoy me. I've been wanting to work in one of the big business parks in the Valley for a long time now, and the contract position is just that.

Hm, and maybe I can find out who owns the Evo and the STi in the parking lot...

Contract work means no having to save up vacation time. OTOH, it also means no paid vacations. Generally I prefer having the time rather than the money anyway. That said...

Japan in November is on. W00t!!

Mexico is now much more likely, but I will have to wait and see how things go. Stuff in the Finland/Germany/GB time frame are a lot less certain, since that's when the contract is likely to end.

Oregon Trail should be fine. OTOH, I think there's a good chance I will be the only one going. *sniff*

I'm not sure how well they will react to a day off here or there. I may be able to do nine hour days for a couple of weeks so I put in the same equivelent hours. If they're cool with that, I may be able to catch a lot more of the rallies this year. (Sno*Drift, all of Ramada, all of Rim, Rally NY, etc.)

After getting back from Japan I'll have enough miles for a trip to just about anywhere in the world. I'd prefer to use that for international travel rather than domestic. Unfortunately, it's pretty much impossible to use frequent flier miles for Mexico, since United doesn't fly into Leon, and that's where my miles are. And after our experiences this year, I'm flying out of Leon!!

This also means that at some point in the near future we will be getting around to the much-postponed housewarming party. Stay tuned for more details as they come.
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