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Friend of mine came over with his DVD burner so I could get permanent backups of some stuff that I have on DVD-RAM. This went well, except for the part where the disks for half of my Mexico photos have gone AWOL. I know I found them after I typed up this entry. But now, the disks have vanished. I have their cases. Just... no disks. I am most fussed. Oh, and the disk that I can find? I have all those photos on the laptop still. Not that I'm complaining, as I'd cry more at losing the stuff from the end of the rally than I would from losing my stupid recce pics. (How often is it that you get Marcus Gronholm and Petter Solberg waving at you, yeh?) But still, some of the best photos I have ever taken are on the missing disks. Including, of course, my good pictures of Subarus. Nngh!!

F1 has entered my favorite part of the year. This is the part where the championship is essentially decided, so the commentators get very, very snarky. Nothing has equalled the "damp squid" comment from the days of yore. But it adds a dimension of entertainment not normally seen in F1.

(BTW, mizutamari, I figure you probably missed the race due to being evacuated. Did you want copies, or should I just kill it?)

Tomorrow my working fate should be decided. Large amounts of nervousness shall follow. But at least after tomorrow I will have some ability to plan for the future. This will be pleasing.

It's hard to believe it's only been a week... Though last week felt about three weeks long to me.

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