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At Least Round Is Aerodynamic

Since this morning I've been thinking happily that I will have Rally Monte Carlo highlights (finally!) sitting on my TiVo, just waiting for me to get home and watch. Many happy thoughts of "I get to have something cool to look forward to when I get home today" were had.

But then around noon, disaster struck! I went to look up the title of a fic on the site, and happened to glance through the new stuff that's recently been posted. One of the new things is "Powerpuff Disco Dancing Petter Solberg". (Yeah, I know I had seen it before. I think my cute lil brain (tm) took the memory out back and buried it or something, though, 'cause let's just say seeing it again was like seeing it for the first time.)

So I've spent the rest of the afternoon thinking bemused thoughts of the Rally Monte Carlo coverage waiting for me, imagining little rounded Powerpuff cars with freaky-weird eyes/headlights being driven by Powerpuff drivers in disco outfits. *wince*

I think I either need more work to do, or a less active imagination. A little more sleep might not hurt either.

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