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Car Silliness

So, the next time I have $140k that I want to spend on a car (er, and not a rally car), then I will buy the Morgan Aero 8. Yes, I know that for that money I could buy an NSX or a Porche or, well, a car that is actually sold in my country. And I know that in the pictures the thing is, um, ugly. But once you see it moving, mmmm!

I saw this car on an episode of Top Gear. (And if you aren't watching it, why not? Yes, I know it's a car show. But really, it's about saying snide things about cars and doing ridiculous comparisons, like which is faster, a rally car or a kid on a skateboard? How can you not watch this?)

while watching the piece on the Morgan I noticed something intriguing about the background music: it was "A Knife In The Dark", from the Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack. I guess I'm not the only person who thought the song went well with pictures of cars. *grin*

Y'know, just once I want to see a challenge involving a rally car on Top Gear where the rally car actually wins. Now I'm going to have to look up who owns that car, 'cause the paint scheme is pretty darn distinctive.
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