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Talking To Myself

So, Sandpanther, you've decided to interview yourself.


You realize, of course, that you sound like a dork, right?

And this is different from normal how?

Ah, well. Leaving that aside, let's move on. Tell me about your day.

Well, I had intended to spend the day sitting in front of the tube playing video games.

Any game in particular?

I thought I might finally give Final Fantasy VIII a try. Yeah, I'm totally behind the times. I've had the game on loan from a friend for a very long time, so I thought maybe I should get around to playing it. And by long time, I mean that I had to shake the cobwebs off the stack of games that it was sitting in.

And thank you for that lovely image. Nothing like a cobwebby pile of games to keep you busy for the day. So, how are you liking the game so far?

Hard to say. See, I ended up a little sidetracked.

Sidetracked, you say?

Yup. I noticed that the Tivo finally updated with the software upgrade I had been wanting.


Yep. Pretty nifty stuff. It's supposed to allow me to transfer programs from my Tivo to my laptop over the wi-fi. I'm going to use it to edit out the commercials before burning programs onto DVD.

That sounds pretty nifty.

Yeah, I'm totally jazzed about it.

So, how's that working for you?

So far, not so working.

Ah-ha. And this would probably be related to the getting side-tracked. Tell us a little more about that.

You guessed right. See, in order for things to transfer on the network I kinda have to get the Tivo on the network.

So far so logical...

Well, I had a USB wi-fi adapter that I had bought earlier and hadn't installed onto the Tivo yet.

And the reason for this was...?So were you able to clear up the confusion?

Mostly, yet. It looks like the manufacturer changed numbers around, so my product was using a newer serial number than what the rebate form was aware of. The folks at Fry's said to just send it in, and if it got denied bring the denial form back to Fry's and they would reimburse me.

So that all sounds good. How long did that take you?

Eh, only about an hour or so. So I got home, plugged the card in and... nothing. The Tivo doesn't recognize it.


Yeah. Being Research Girl, I got online and found out that while Tivo does support that model, it only supports specific serial numbers. My card wasn't the right serial number. Feh.

So... Back to Fry's?

Yup, back to Fry's. Only this time, with a list of what cards are supported. I found one that looked like it was supported, but it had an extra "g" in the number. There was one other one that matched the list exactly, but that was the same type of card that I had before -- you know, the one that only certain serial numbers were supported. So I decided to take a chance on the one with the extra letter, rather than take a chance on something else weird happening with the one card.

Let me guess...

Yeah, you guessed it. Turns out that the Tivo is incredibly picky about what cards it will recognize. Having the extra little "g" on the model number was enough to make it not be recognized. Argh.

So... Back to Fry's again?

Yeah. I took a break for lunch first, and got a call from racerxmachina asking about Nightwish CDs. The good news is that they found a somewhat hard-to-find CD that I had been wanting, and are dropping it by my place on their way home.

A little something to salve the pain of going to Fry's for the third time?

Hey, I get my giggles where I can. If I had thought about it, I should have taken my camera along, since there is an STi at the end of the block that is sitting most picturesquely. Oh well.

But you did remember the network card to return, right?



Fortunately, not so much. I decided to get clever. See, if the other card I could try didn't work out, then I would have to stand in the return lines yet again anyway. So I figured that I might as well not bother returning the second card and wait until I find out if the third time really is the charm. If it isn't, then I could return both cards at the same time and just order something from Tivo directly.

So you popped into Fry's for the third time that day -- do they now recognize you?

Ack, I hope not. I'm trying not to think about it too much.

You got the new card, took it home, plugged it in, and...?

Voila! It actually worked!


Huzzah, indeed. The setup was pretty easy, particularly after I typed my network password in right.

I have heard that helps. So how is copying programs?

Dunno. I can't copy anything yet.

No? The card is all recognized, and you say it's connected to the network...?

Ah, that is one of the nice things. With the wi-fi card working, I don't have to use the phone line to download information any more. It all goes over the 'net. So now we can move the router back out into the living room. It's crazy, I think the only rooms the router hasn't been in are my bedroom and the kitchen! And that's only because neither room has a functioning phone jack.

So... where's the hold-up in getting the Tivo and the laptop talking?

Oh, that. Sorry. I got sidetracked again.

I noticed. You still haven't answered the question.

The problem is that Tivo provides some Media Key thing that allows access onto the box. Only in my case, they haven't provided it yet. So until that appears I can't install the software on my laptop that allows it to see the Tivo.

Or in other words, it's more hurry up and wait?


So... All that running around was ultimately kind of pointless? I mean, you could have spent the whole day playing video games and it would have netted you the same result.

Yes. And thank you so much for rubbing my face in that. Really. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you around to point out the futility of my actions.

That aside, at least I have the network portion working. I'm assuming that Tivo will push the Media Key to me on the next business day, which would be tomorrow. And in the mean time, I have a game to try and play. Just as soon as I read the manual...
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