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Strange Dream

The dream started with... plumbing problems. There was some kind of a backup in the front bathroom. I'm not sure what happened, but there was water dripping from places where it shouldn't be dripping. Someone else had already noticed the problem and put a drip-pan underneath the leak, but there was still a bit of water in places where there shouldn't be water. I looked at the piping and figured out what would be needed to snake it while I was mopping up the water. Then my parents arrive, and I had to leave to go somewhere with them.

(I realized later that the front bathroom in my dream was the bathroom from the place I lived in Mt. View, with slothman.)

My parents and I went to a bunch that seemed to be for some kind of children's group. Oddly, it was being held in my old place in San Francisco. The really weird thing was that Petter Solberg and someone I thought was Tommi Makinen (though later I realize I was mistaken) were sitting there in their race suits. They seemed kind of out of place, and no one was really talking to them. It was really weird. I couldn't think of anything to say, so I didn't talk to them. I kept critisizing myself for not, but I told myself that I would as soon as I finished eating.

I was finishing eating desert when the left. I was most bummed. I watched from the window as everyone left. I tried to read the back of the suit for the guy who I couldn't figure out who he was, but when I saw the name, it wasn't anyone I recognized. This puzzled me, since I will recognize the names of most top rally drivers.

The dream finished with me wondering when I turned so timid. I keep feeling like there was some significance to my sitting and not talking to the rally drivers.

Edit: For anyone wondering, in the dream, Petter's hair was its current length. Last night I had been looking through some old pictures ("old" in this case = Mexico) and I forgot how short it used to be!

(Randomly, is "shambolic" a word?)
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