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How is it that I can remember that 御堂筋 is read "Midousuji" and is the name of a subway line that runs north-south that I take frequently, but I can't even remember what darn city it's located in?? I spent several days thinking that it was in Kyoto, even though I know full well that the Kyoto subway has only two lines, and that the north-south line is the Nanboku line. It finally took pulling out a map of Kyoto for me to remember that the Midousuji line is the one I take from Denden town to the Shin-Osaka station. It's located in (duh) Osaka.

I started reading the Kyoto arc in MoB (covered by the OVAs.) Yet another bit that takes place somewhere I know well. I was reading along happily, envisioning Takaya meeting Haruie outside the Karasuma central gate -- until my brain hung when I remembered that this volume was originally published in 1993, and the Kyoto train station looked totally different then. It was an absolute nightmare to get from one side of the station to the other, since the tracks are in the way and back then the overpass (where Takaya would have been waiting) didn't exist. Isn't it fun being a font of useless trivia?

I'm still whimpering every time they mention the underground shopping mall. Chesse pan... So close... And yet so far away...

OTOH, this is good inspiration for job hunting. I want to be able to go to Japan in November as planned with such a deep and firey passion. It's certainly encouragement to put down the book and get working!

On a totally unrelated note, I won the WRR podium prediction for Rally Germany! HEEEE! Go me!!!

They said the prize was a hinklestein, but I have my doubts. And if it is, well, I've always wanted to see a real one. And they make an interesting lawn ornament. I'd have to keep my (theorectical) rally car away from it (when I get one...)

Edit: Just for my own personal torment, flights to London are currently $650-$750. *whines* Want to GOOO!!!
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