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Dead TiVo -- Suggestions/Help?

Alas, my trusty TiVo appears to be having problems. It is stuck on the screen saying "Powering up, one momemnt please". This site indicates that the problem may be a hard drive failure.

So I'm left with two choices: Pop in a new hard drive, or buy a new unit. There are pluses and minuses to both. (With the biggest minus to either being that, well, still unemployed so I'd prefer not to spend money if I don't have to.)

For folks who have done upgrades on the TiVo hard drives, 1) how hard was it, and 2) are you willing to come over and help me with it? Or would it just be easier for me to replace the whole unit. (I had been thinking of getting one that has a built in DVD recorder, though that may be out of my current budget.)
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