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Heavy Hair

From an e-mail conversation with a friend (he wrote it, I didn't). Reposted with permission:

Kyouichi: The weight of my hair has cost me this race.

Ryousuke: You can't master a mountain pass with the skills you learn in the barber's shop.

Kyouichi: It can't be! That's impossible!

Ryousuke: I'm not going to argue with you. If you want to prove your theory, do so by defeating me.

Kyouichi: I will shorten my hair, dye it a lighter colour, and improve airflow with a bandana! I will then train hard to master my new hairstyle.


(Ryousuke beats Kyouichi again)


Kyouichi: The weight of my clothes cost me this race!

Ryousuke: Let's not go there.
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