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The Geek Is In

So, you know that tunnel that's showing up on "Akina" in the live action IniD movie?

I found it.

It's the Douzan Tunnel, and is located on Tahouzan in Niigata Prefecture.

Haven't you wanted to stay up all night dying to know that? I have...

Located at the foot of the mountain is Iwase Jinja (石瀬神社), which appears to have some association with Benkei that I am going to look up later. (I.e., when I'm not falling asleep and too tired to be digging through Japanese.)

So... how far have I watched into the movie? About two minutes. That's the point where I noticed that they give a shot of the name of the tunnel. If I had watched the movie instead of spending the time finding the tunnel, I would be done. But then, I suppose I wouldn't be me.

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