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Hi, Yes, It's Me, Whining Again

Ah, and here I thought that since I had finished the final for the stupid class that perhaps it would cease to annoy me now. Alas, no.

Today I received e-mail from the instructor complaining that I did not include with my latest class submission project a copy of the Access database that the program works with. This is true enough. I did not include the database because on past assignments he had very forcefully stated that the Access database should most certainly NOT be submitted, as he didn't want such things clogging up his inbox.

*pounds head on desk*

If I had known that I would be submitting a copy of my Access database then I would have done several things completely differently when I did the project. But since I assumed that I couldn't change my database schema, I did a couple of coding things that, as a professional, are dumb, since doing it the intellegent way would have required modifying the database.

Insane class, please leave my space and never enter it again. Your chaotic insanity is not welcome.

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