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IniD Live Action Movie: Early Thoughts

I haven't actually had the time to sit down and watch all of it yet, but here are my initial impressions, based off of randomly jumping around the movie while watching in a restaurant:

- When the heck did Akina acquire a tunnel??

- I only got to watch a couple of lines, but the subtitles alone look like they are going to provide hours' worth of entertainment. I can only assume that the original Chinese is better. Though, given some of the other changes, maybe I'm not too sure about that...

- Ryousuke, oh Ryousuke. T-shirts? And smoking? Ah, how the character interpretations have fallen. (Yes, I know Ryousuke smokes in the anime; neither of those scenes were in the manga. Thus, I am a cannon snob and maintain that he does not smoke.)

- While on the subject of character interpretations, I am going to have to time how long it takes before I whimper in pain every time Bunta comes on screen. He is now some drunk, abusive old guy. Most uncool. (Though if he gets to drive the Impreza, maybe I'll ignore minor character problems <-- Is unrepentant car whore!)

- I'm gonna have a lot of fun digging up my Haruna pics and comparing. 'Cause just off-hand, I gotta say that most of it, while filmed on location, was filmed on the wrong location. (I'm beginning to suspect that it was filmned on Happougahara, though I'll have to look at the backgrounds more to be sure.)

- Pardon me while I exhibit extreme geekiness, but 1) it's obvious that they did at least film the summit of Akina on location, and 2) they did in the past three years and no earlier. Why? The summit is obviously the real location, but it is missing a building that was in the original manga and has subsequently been torn down.

- I'm pretty sure the cars are done with a combination of CG and stunt drivers, with emphasis on the CG. IT's rather odd, since the bits I've seen haven't included anything that wouldn't be commonly seen on a rally stage, so I wonder why they bothered to CG it, rather than just filming. OTOH, it may be difficult to find extras who are as bugnuts as your average rally fan. Particularly since...

- These guys can't drive. Or at least, none of the ones I saw could. Except for the stunt driver for Itsuki. It takes active talent to be able to drive that pathetically.

In short: It's IniD, Jim, but not as you know it. I look forward to huge amounts of entertaining pain watching through it. I'm hoping that it has gone through bad and come out the other end. (Unlike TokyoPoop's IniD, which just wallows in the bad.)

On a slightly related note, I now have an IniD LJ icon. It's from Myougi, on the uphill section, just before the downhill section at the finish. (I also have a MoB icon, since I realized that my pics of Matsumoto Castle are still on the laptop. (Good thing, since I now can't seem to find the backups, grr.) I just don't have anything MoB-ish to post at the moment. *sigh* Alas, shiny new icon.)
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